We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good.

N/A, currently soul searching.

We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person.

The professors at NDNU demonstrate genuine support towards my success in the Human Services program. I feel my time is valued and my life outside of school is taken into high consideration. The registration staff at NDNU has also done an excellent job with communication, a luxury I did not receive at a public University.

We educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in the world.

The courses required of the Human Services program are centered around ethics and social justice issues. Each course I’ve taken has left me with fruitful information I plan to exhibit towards my success as a future healthcare professional.

We commit ourselves to community service.

Being involved in my community has been an interest of mine since the beginning of college. Back in Fall of 2013 at San Jose State University, I joined a National Community Service Co-Ed Fraternity in hopes to give back to my community, and as an opportunity to become a better leader through all the workshops and resources provided by the Organization. The Human Services program embodies everything I’ve hoped to gain from being involved with my community and has allowed me to work even more closely with the Non-Profit Organizations I used to volunteer for.

We embrace the gift of diversity.

The environment at NDNU is certainly welcoming, both inside and outside the classroom. I am thankful to have met such a diverse group of people coming from differing backgrounds and each bringing their own unique perspectives to the table. I have learned just as much from my professors as I have from the people sitting next to me.

We create community among those with whom we work and those we serve.

Each course has required me to interact with my classmates through group presentations or small discussions. This motivates us to work as teams and be able to work with different people. This also teaches us how to connect and be able to work with different kinds of people in our future careers.

We develop holistic learning communities which educate for life.

The classes here at NDNU are much more interactive than classes I have taken at San Jose State or Mission College. I feel more connected with my classmates and professors as well, thus fostering a comfortable learning environment and inspiring me to come out of my shell. I find myself putting what I have learned in the classroom to good use, whether it be in courses outside of NDNU or in real life.