Human Services Core Courses

Communication Skills: The ability to communicate is key towards your interpersonal skills and fosters success in personal and professional areas. By not communicating, we are communicating, and therefore it is vital that we understand the influence we have when it comes to how we choose to respond. This course has enhanced my ability towards being a more effective communicator from the very first exercise given, which was to evaluate how likable we are. commfinalpaper

Contemporary Profession Writing: This course taught me how to communicate professionally in writing. I created my first cover letter and learned how to write out a business proposal, both of which I have used outside of school and has helped me move up in my professional life. professional-writing-proposal

Introduction to Human Services: This was the very first course I took in the Human Services program and has served as a nice introduction for what this major entails. Each week we had someone come and speak for our class, detailing why they chose Human Services and the impact they are making in their communities. This opened the door to the many opportunities out there as a Human Services Major and has inspired me to take each course given as a tool to use towards my success.

Professional Ethics: If I had to choose which course out of the program impacted me the most, it would be Professional Ethics. Understanding ethics and knowing how to support my claims have both been a challenge and of interest to me. I am thankful for my professor for always pushing me to think outside of my comfort zone and for reminding me to take each side into consideration before making a decision. The fruitful information provided from this class will be used towards my graduate school applications  which are centered around fostering ethical healthcare professionals. ethicsfinal

Financial Management: The one thing I took away from this course was that as a manager, despite whatever is going on in your company, whether you knew or you didn’t, you should have known. This speaks to me because I feel that many managers do not take responsibility for the outcomes of their company’s faults and choose to leave the mess for someone else to fix. Also, I was able to work with an organization I used to volunteer for back at San Jose State, and hope to work with for my Senior Project as well. financialmanagementbusinessplanproject

Professional development: This course finalized my decision in pursuing Occupational Therapy. Though I knew Occupational Therapy is what I wanted to pursue, I felt unsure whether my personality fit for the role. However, the assessment we did ensured my qualifications and has inspired me to continue to pursue Occupational Therapy.  professionaldevelopmentportfolio

Senior Seminar: In Progress

Social Research Methods: Plan to be taken during Summer of 2017